9 Must-Know Travel Insurance Hacks

Travel insurance is the least inspiring part of a holiday. However, you do not want to leave without it because it is irritatingly important, especially if you want to try new things on your trip or go on endless adventures. Just get it over with and check out the top 10 travel insurance hacks below.

1. Check your existing accounts for travel insurance.

Before purchasing a new policy, check your credit cards, bank accounts, and home insurance for some travel coverage. It is a common inclusion, especially if it is only for quick getaways.

2. Read the medical coverage.

The lowest medical cover is enough for a regular vacation. Often, this is between three and four million dollars. But if you are going to do more adventurous things, seek more coverage just to be secure in case you run into serious medical problems abroad.

3. Consider a step up.

There is a wide array of travel insurance options. It is tempting to take the cheapest one, but look into it first. Sometimes the tiniest step up, without too much difference in price, gives you more value for your money.

4. Get your valuables covered.

Do not just insure yourself – cover your valuables, too. Note that baggage insurance does not cover your electronics and valuables. It is just for everyday items, like clothing. Also, if you are traveling with expensive gear, insure that particular item. Insurance companies have a cap for individual things. Have the proof of purchase ready and take photos of serial numbers and bank statements, too.

5. Go to the police.

Report any incident to the police within 24 hours of occurrence. This is a requirement of most travel insurance policies.

6. Read the fine print.

Some policies have residency rules, meaning you need to have lived in your country of residence for at least six of the last 12 months for the policy to be valid. The only way to know these details is to read the fine print.

7. Get more coverage for adventure sports.

Get more coverage if you are participating in sports or activities that put you at a higher level of risk. Check your policy for full listing of sports coverage and add any extra activities you need.

8. Read the visa requirements.

Certain visas require you to have specific inclusions in your insurance. Check in advance so you can purchase the appropriate policy.

9. Look after yourself.

Get the most out of your holiday but always take care of yourself. Travel insurance is no excuse to act irresponsibly. Stay smart and enjoy your trip without causing unnecessary trouble.

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