How to Avoid Expensive Homeowners Insurance Claims

Keeping your home in top shape is the best way to avoid expensive homeowners insurance claims. While there is little to be done about emergencies, there are plenty of simple measures you can take to minimize risks from damage caused by other events. Below are the best tips to save your money and avoid the hassle and cost of expensive claims.

Water Damage

  • Insulate pipes before the freezing weather sets in. Also, if you are going away for the winter, do not turn your heating entirely. A busted pipe can flood your entire house easily and what you save on energy will only be wasted on paying for water damage repair.
  • Check for cracks in your appliances that use water. Watch out for leaks, ensure the bathroom fixtures are intact, and teach everyone in your family where the main shut-off valve for your home’s water supply is located.
  • Clear your gutters and exterior drains. Fix any damage. Examine the caulking and seals around windows to see if they are tight and not weathered or cracked.

Fire Damage

  • Check the wiring for signs of damage. You can do this on your own or hire an electrician.
  • In the kitchen, remove clutter around your range and keep the oven clean. Grease or food splatter can ignite and cause a fire.

Wind Damage

  • Maintain the health of your roof. It is the most susceptible to high winds, followed by walls and openings. If you just moved in, call a professional roofer to assess your roof and be informed on any structural, insulation, or drainage issues that must be fixed.
  • Trim trees that could possibly land on the roof. Falling trees and branches are the most common cause of wind damage to home exteriors. If there are dead trees near your house, remove them before they cause damage.


  • Invest in cameras to protect your home while you are away. Also, stay off social media and do not tip burglars to your empty house.
  • Store valuables in locked cabinets, too. If you can see them through your windows, so can burglars.

It does not take much to protect your home, so do these simple things to prevent problems and avoid the expensive homeowners insurance claims.

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