Fall Checklist to Save Money on Home Insurance Claims

The temperatures remain high but the summer days are passing by pretty fast. Soon, fall will be here! Before it rounds the corner though, ready your home to save money and avoid home insurance claims. Here is a checklist and get ahead in the game today.

1. Increase energy efficiency.

Check your window panes, door seals, and thresholds for wear and tear. Air creeping in may cause potential damage and swell your heating bill. Examine the paint on your home, too. Chips or peels may come from unchecked damage. Finally, check your interior insulation. If air comes through the walls or electrical outlets, consider adding insulation and doing the necessary patchwork. It does not cost much but it can lower your electric and heating bills big time.

2. Avoid water damage.

A huge chunk of home insurance claims are due to water damage. Check your house thorougly! Gradual damage caused by water infiltration is not covered by home insurance, and it is a big repair, so watch out! Assess your pipes, backup valves, gutter and drains, as well as indoor plumbing. Insulate anything that is prone to freezing to avoid damage and save money on home insurance.

3. Check the room, chimney, and attic.

Several risks and damage result from the fall weather. The colder temperature, strong winds, or windstorms take a tool on your shingles and roof. See to it that everything is attached securely and there is no build up of debris. Doing simple things like this can save you a lot of money and hassle. Sure, your insurance is likely to cover you for windstorm damages, but there is still your deductible to pay off, plus the inconvenience of undergoing the process. Do the same evaluations for your chimney and attic and make sure both are in good shape, too.

4. Look for unwanted critters.

In the fall, the changing temperatures encourage mice and other critters to hide in your home. Fix any entry point by sealing cracks and screening vents. Anything that has deteriorated must be replaced. Listen for sounds in your walls or ceilings, too. Damage from critters is not covered by home insurance and it is a fee you are better off avoiding.

5. Secure the outdoors. 

Clear the pathway to and from the door of your home to prevent anyone from tripping or falling in bad weather conditions. Make sure it is also well lit. Any furniture that stays out must be insured, and anything that can be blown away must be secured or kept inside. Remove overhanging tree branches that may cause accidents, too. Finally, remember to declutter your garage. Keep your tools in place for easy access, and more important, to avoid accidents. Flammable items should also be stored correctly. Doing these things ahead of time will ensure you are ready for fall and will be saving the most money on your home insurance.

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