Do This Pre-Vacation to Avoid Home Insurance Nightmares

Smart homeowners prepare their home before going on vacation. The last thing you want is to be stressed on arrival after soaking the sun and relaxing beautifully on an exotic, tropical island during your holiday. Do the tips below pre-vacation and save yourself from home insurance nightmares.

1. Lock everything.

It is easy to remember to lock the front door. What about the back door, windows, and any other entry point inside your house? According to statistics, 30% of home burglaries happen due to an unlocked window or door. The morning of your trip, check every door, window, and basement access to ensure all access points are secured. This way there will be no home insurance claim waiting for you when you return.

2. Switch to a smart keypad lock.

A smart keypad lock allows you to give a unique PIN code to service people who need to access your house while you are on vacation. You will be alerted when the door is opened by the pet sitter, person who waters your plants, contractor, or a family member you have given a code to. Further, you can place the lock on ‘vacation mode’ that disables all PIN codes until you return and have turned this mode off.

3. Install security cameras.

Place it at every door and make sure it is obvious for any potential threat to see. If you don’t want this extra expense to chip your vacation budget, you can opt to install fake security cameras. If someone sees that they might be recorded, it may be enough to keep them from breaking into your home.

4. Turn off your water.

Water leaks are costly; a flooded house, a nightmare. Protect your house by turning off your main water supply before going on vacation. While you are at it, clear gutters of debris, install a water leak detection device, and check all appliance hoses. It never hurts to do everything you can to avoid the hassle of a home insurance claim due to water damage.

5. Don’t post on social media.

Providing a play-by-play of your vacation tells burglars that your house is empty. While it is incredibly tempting to share everything going on during your wonderful sunny holiday, resist the temptation and post photos after you have returned. You can upload all images and videos on your social media but this time your house is protected and there is no risk of a home insurance nightmare.

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