6 Easy Tips to Find Low-Cost Health Insurance

When you are unemployed or have very little money, it is a necessity to find low-cost health insurance. Recent reforms have improved accessibility and affordability for many Americans, so there is a good chance there is a policy out there for you. Here are some must-know basics to find reasonable health insurance with lower rates.

1. Check out the Healthcare Marketplace.

Obamacare and Healthcare Marketplace have been specifically created to provide affordable coverage. Make it your first stop in finding low-cost health insurance plans. Check out new programs and your eligibility to secure the healthcare you need.

2. Look for coverage through your spouse.

Learn more about the health coverage of your spouse and see if you are eligible to be added into it. Many insurers and plan sponsors have changed their rules for domestic partner health insurance, too – this might work as well. 

3. See if workers compensation applies to you.

If you have been injured while you were working and are now receiving treatment, your state’s workers’ compensation program might be able to offer you some health care solutions. Take some time to look into it and apply if you qualify.

4. Review your Medicaid qualifications.

With the Affordable Care Act came positive changes in Medicaid. More people are now qualified to receive it, even those with incomes above the poverty line. The expansion varies per state though, so contact your state insurance commissioner to find out if your state participates and learn what is available.

5. Look into short-term health insurance for quick coverage.

This is a cheap alternative if you need quick coverage to avoid health insurance coverage gaps. Just remember that these plans are usually limited and are ideally, temporary. Use it until you find another low-cost option that is more permanent.

6. Consider using health insurance discount cards.

This is not technically an insurance plan, but health insurance discount cards offer low-cost health services in exchange for a membership fee. You can receive lower costs when you use the services of members participating in the plan. Medical reimbursements are not available.

These are only a brief summary of the ways you can obtain low-cost health insurance. Check them out and find the option that best fits your health needs.

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