11 Things Your Travel Insurance Does Not Include

When you buy travel insurance, it is easy to assume you are insured for anything and everything that may happen during your trip. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Policies are full of loopholes and exclusions that will make you regret skipping the fine print. Check out the 10 things below that travel insurance often does not include. There are many reasons for the exclusion and it is best to read the contract yourself.

1. Losses due to pre-existing conditions.

Find out the look-back period of your travel insurance. This detail matters because your policy does not include coverage for losses due to conditions for which there were either symptoms or treatment during the look-back period. You are only covered for losses due to stable conditions for which no change in treatment or symptoms has occurred.

2. Losses due to mental or emotional disorders

Most travel insurance plans do not cover claims involving psychiatric or emotional disorders. However, some policies may cover them if hospitalization is needed.

3. Travel for medical procedures

Most travel insurance plans do not pay claims that arise from traveling to get a specific medical treatment done.

4. Dental care

Routine dental care is not included in travel insurance coverage.

5. Pregnancy and Childbirth

This is an important detail to check if you are pregnant and traveling. Often, travel insurance does not include childbirth expenses. There may be some coverage extended for complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth though.

6. Natural disasters

Losses due to natural disasters, like hurricanes or storms, are often covered but only if you have purchased your travel insurance in advance. If you only buy travel insurance after a volcano starts erupting, you will not be covered for any loss related to it.

7. Your things

You would think baggage insurance covers everything in your bag, but it does not. Common travel insurance exclusions include glasses, hearing aids, dental bridges, tickets, passports, keys, cash, cell phones, and other electronics.

8. Adventure sports

If you are planning an active vacation, you may want to purchase specific coverage for high-risk activities. Travel insurance often excludes losses from adventure sports or any sports involving body contact.

9. Bad weather

Unless you purchased a “cancel for any reason” rider, your claim due to bad weather will not get paid.

10. Lost reservations

Accommodation problems will not be taken up by your travel insurance company. You will have to sort it out with the hotel or company that lost it.

11. Security delays or overbooked flights

Tough luck if you miss a flight due to long airport security lines or an overbooked flight. This is not usually covered by travel insurance.

The best way to know what is included and excluded is to read your travel insurance contract thoroughly. Obsess over the details and do not assume anything. It is not an exciting activity to do but you will be grateful in case you need it during your trip.

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